Vesselin I.

by Packimpex on 28 July 2020

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Arrival from abroad
July 28, 2020

Thank you all at my company and Packimpex working on relocation topics. I Would like to thank very much my consultant for her timely and professional actions and always understanding the situation me and my family were during these times! I had so many requirements for my apartment related to me, my wife, two daughters and my mom and she managed somehow to find a place almost perfect for all of them! The apartment was a very important part of my efforts for me and my family to have a positive start with a chance to adjust well in Switzerland and so far I think we struck almost the perfect balance between so many needs and the budget, so thanks again! At the end, during the last 6 months I managed to do a great deal of getting up to speed in my job and this would have not been possible without the relocation services from all of you! Also, everything that is extra good, like my apartment, moving, school topics was possible only due to the relocation services – without them neither my start nor my and my family future would have the basis I was striving for and that I, with your great support, managed to achieve!