Thomas L.

by Packimpex on 26 March 2020

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Arrival from abroad
March 26, 2020

The company was much faster than exepcted (2 days instead of 4) which was a pleasant surprise. However I had to point out several instances where things had been improperly assembled (or forcefully, leading to damage). Had I not pointed it out, it would have stayed like this; e.g Closets were assembled very forcefully leading to some breaks in the wooden base or skewed planks. Only upon requesting correction was it de- and re-assembled correctly and the broken bits replaced. In addition almost all closet doors were scratched and 2 items were completely broken, several others (Couch, Handbag…) were slighly damaged but beyond repair. Also clothes were not packed properly (all suits thrown into a box and NOT hanged, leading to creases which will hopefully even out; apparently not enough boxes with hangers had been prepared). Because were were financially supported by my company I rate this good. Had it been out of my own pocket I would rate it “fair” at best.