Sheila M.

by Packimpex on 15 January 2020

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Arrival from abroad
January 15, 2020

There were some moments of confusion and extreme stress. Our consultant would sometimes accompany us to/from some tasks, and other times she would tell us she was dropping us off and we could find our own way back. She often forgot details or got tasks mixed up, and it could take a couple of days for us to clarify or correct the confusion. Our overall experience with Packimpex was very good, but we did struggle at times with our consultant. For example, I was told by my company that my consultant would explain how health insurance worked in Switzerland. Instead, she just forwarded my name to a few companies and expected them to explain everything to me. Coming from the US where insurance is provided by my company, I had no idea that I was expected to secure private insurance or what everything meant. It took a few weeks for the assurances representatives and me to understand each other, and those weeks were highly stressful. Another time, my consultant emailed us saying that the property company was missing the signed copy of the lease and asking us to confirm that we had mailed it. We were highly confused because she had the signed lease and was to give to the property manager, so we emailed to ask her to clarify. After a few days of stress where we were not sure that we would be able to move as planned, she finally replied to say that she was in error and that it was the deposit insurance confirmation needed. These are just a few examples of issues that arose. I have reflected on the experience to ask myself if it was my entitled American brain contributing to the confusion, and I am sure that it is a factor. However, my consultant added an extra layer of stress that caused me considerable anguish during an already very stressful time. The cultural shift from the US to South Africa to Switzerland is CONSIDERABLE, and I had no idea what to ask because I had no idea what I needed to ask. I embrace being self-sufficient, but I was also trying to shift my home life and my professional life, and I was overwhelmed by information flooding at me. My consultant’s manner gave us the impression that she did not have time to address questions or concerns, often referring us to the binder that was in our apartment when we arrived. So, we hesitated to ask for clarification on many topics because we got the idea that she did not have time (or did not care) to answer. She also seems to have some issues with certain nationalities, given some of the comments she made during her time with us. It made us a bit uncomfortable to hear, especially given my employer’s status as a global company. Overall, I would absolutely recommend Packimpex as a provider but I would be less willing to recommend her as a consultant, at least for someone undergoing the type of change that we were going through. We’re quite relieved to have the whole experience concluded, in great part because we know that we will not be stressed out by her anymore.