Raymond C.

by Packimpex on 24 February 2020

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Arrival from abroad
February 24, 2020

Overall, we are happy with the service provided. Our consultant has been helpful, she’s quick to respond, knowledgeable about where to live in Basel for a family of 4 working at my company, and she acted very professionally. I must also mention that there are tasks we didn’t think about but were anticipated by her, she initiated the discussion and this were very helpful for the onboarding process. And if the communication were more managed then we would not have generated extra work for my consultant. So my suggestion would be to have a structured communication system that shows… =- A master list of tasks, and =- priority and deadline for each tasks, and progress for each of them. And, past conversations for each of the tasks, grouped at task level, As you can imagine when relocating from one country to another, not only we have to onboard to Basel, we also have to wind down existing ties in London, so we were flooded with emails. Since most of the conversations with my consultant were emails, so it can be challenging at times to find the relevant conversation, resulting in us asking the same questions over and over again – I’m sure we generated lots of unnecessary work for her. We would’ve feel more in control if there’s an obvious master list of what needs to be done, when they need to be done, and what’s the status of them. But overall, we were happy with our consultant’s professional assistance, nothing much would’ve have happened without her and we’d been struggling to settle in Basel.