Marshall B.

by Packimpex on 16 April 2020

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April 16, 2020

I separate in-patriation vs re-patriation. In-bound, Packimpex was very helpful. House hunting was great and the agent found a wonderful property that was not visible from the public websites. In-bound set up with temp furniture and load was wonderful. Outbound was much less satisfying. While the agent was an advocate for us in helping close the cable contract, much of the instructions resulted in extra cost for us and inconvenience. Key example was paying for appliance cleaning 2 weeks before move out, only to find the instructions were to STOP USE of appliances after the cleaning. Additionally, agent strongly directed us to us third-party prep and additional cleaning services of nearly 1000 CHF on top of the 1500 CHF payment made to the landlord for final cleaning. The exit process felt like we were being taken advantage of.