Marion G.

by Packimpex on 12 October 2020

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Arrival from abroad
October 12, 2020

having two points of contact made things complicated. I didnt understand who was in charge of what and why. info about the apartment (address, etc) came very late; therefore planning of everything got very last minute (grocery shopping due to covid, etc) the fact that the address of my apartment provided was not accurate this acutally caused a lot of additional paper work for me. not receiving any information about the apartment in advanced was really challengin in terms of preperation. Would have been great to reveice pictures, list of equipment. having someone who welcomes you on the first day of arrival (in person) in the apartment Would have been great in order to ask all the open questions right away. the driver was really nice and friendly but for moving purposes I was expecting someone who Would have been able to carry a lot of heavy luggage