Maria L.

by Packimpex on 24 September 2018

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I was surprised that Packimpex's housing search resource is as good as mine (I thought Packimpex might have some connections with real estate agents to be informed of housing availability that's not only on public search websites yet). And I felt the team was a bit slow in suggesting apartment listings. Most of the listings in the file were added by me checking out the websites every day and evenings. It might have been a mismatch in expectation so it would be helpful to mention that it is in the end individual's responsibility to find an apartment they want and that Packimpex is there more as a translator or communication support to local real estate agents. In addition
September 24, 2018

My overall experience was fantastic but I have two feedback that I think would help future customer: 1. Estimated cost of things. I know it is hard to provide a good estimate but even the breakdown percentage of the costs to the direct customer would have been helpful because although my company is “paying all of it”