Julien B.

by Packimpex on 7 September 2020

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Arrival from abroad
September 7, 2020

The organisation from Packimpex was very good and I was very happy of my interactions with my consultants. The service by the moving company we used in Sweden was very poor for multiple reasons: 1) They did not come on the scheduled day. After waiting the movers for several hours we could finally contact the moving planner at the other company, who did not know where the movers were. Finally, it was arranged for them to come on the day we were leaving Sweden which was not ideal. 2) I asked if they could clean the apartment. They made multiple mistakes in three different quotes (forgot tax deduction, wrong name, price inflation in last quote). They also were not flexible as my landlord wanted the oven to be cleaned but they did not want to provide this service. Finally, I had to arrange for another company to clean the apartment because they did not want to clean the oven. The other company was also 40% cheaper and did a great job. 3) They initially refused to transport our few bottles of alcohol. I had to contact Packimpex so that our bottles could be moved. 4) Before the move, they asked my availabilities so that someone could come to my apartment to estimate the volume to be moved. I told them I was available any day for the next two weeks with the exception of Tuesday morning. They came back to me asking me if I could make myself available on Tuesday morning because it was more convenient to them. I refused as I could not make myself available and they came another day. Gosseling Moving was generally good. Only issue was that we had to ask them to rebuild our two furnitures from Sweden (baby bed and baby changing table) as they were about to leave without doing this. They only partially built the changing table (they did not fix the changing table on top of the drawer) and probably trashed the screws necessary to fix the changing table on top of the drawer (we saw them in the drawer before we asked them to built it). This resulted in an insurance claim which would not have been necessary had they left the screws in place or fully built the baby changing table.