Fatma B.

by Packimpex on 2 September 2020

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Arrival from abroad
September 2, 2020

I do not remember if I have been get in contact by Packimpex. As an overall impression I can say my consultant was good in helping to find my house and my registration services. But regarding to the moving my housholds from Turkey to germany I have to comment: in terms of packing in turkey ok no issues. The Gosselin the first team was fair since they were not well organized that we had lost too much time and even I have been informed as 1 day as ok they could not finish the job on time. Secondly the Gosselin and the Turkish mover were not in communication enough since the installation team was not having the photos of thr furniture which made me to run from one room to another room to explain how the finished furniture will look like that again cause lots of time losses. And finally, I have been informed by my manager the volume of the transfer is higher than the one which has been calculated at the beginning! But again I have been neither informed what was the volume at the beginning nor at the end and it was really a pity since we had left 1 bedroom in Turkey since the hause here was small, and this furniture was also in the first calculation and this shows how wrong the calculations are made by your company! So as an overall impression I am not happy with the support provided by your company which I found as away from professionalism.