Dina Z.

by Packimpex on 8 September 2020

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Arrival from abroad
September 8, 2020

Hello: in my real-time experience Packimpex provided the best international relocation support. I want to extend my special thank you and appreciation to my consultant for her professional assistance and customer-centered attitude (all the way along my uneasy relocation process Basel-Madison USA).. If not she help contacting the bank (credit swiss) ) and Privera real estate agency I doubt I would ever see my apartment security deposit (3 Month value) returned (via bank wire) to me. Only Packimpex smart actions, continuous follow up with the parties involved in Basel I benefited by saving significant costs for apartment exit/cleaning and full (100%)!!! return of deposit that was done after almost 6 months of struggle to find out the reason of such delay and organize the second wire transfer. Without my consultant representing my rights in Basel all this would not have happened. Again million thanks to her. I wish her a career growth and all the success she deserves doing fantastic work for Packimpex customers and business! Kind regards