Constantin A.

by Packimpex on 7 July 2020

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Arrival from abroad
July 7, 2020

The VIP package meant: being from the start discouraged that I would find an apartment within my budget. doing a lot of research by myself. going unaccompanied to view all the properties (despite the Corona situations, many of the viewings allowed multiple visitors, open views). getting only one application submitted (one for a property in Bleriot Allee was not found when we contacted directly the company administrating that property, as we wished to apply for a second apartment in the same building). meeting our consultant only at the taking-over, for less than 1 hour (as the parking meter was taxing after)… I presumed that for the cost of the VIP package I should have a consultant in person for more time, without having to consider his/her transportation/parking costs. at the end of the call for lease review we expressed interest in having the moving done by your company and agreed someone will contact us – this never happened. during the restrictions/closures because of Corona crisis, more than 1 month went by without being able to solve anything (and this is understandable), but nobody bothered to call or write that our contract will get an extension and I’ll get support even if that situation would have last for more. regarding the complementary services: the issuing of my personal liability insurance lasted 1 month, and the fees for my bank package are not discounted. The mail requesting feedback came 2 weeks after our precedent communication. Some of the questions above could not get a proper answer as I did not get to know you better