by Packimpex on 8 December 2021

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December 8, 2021

My consultant provided really great support throughout the process, very good communication was established. I especially appreciate her calm style since she could transmit that things were under control. Also given that our exact departure date was not so clear due to visa constraints, she managed to be flexible and accommodate. Also the follow up once we had left (i.e. bills, finalizing pending points with the rental agency, etc) was really great, essentially not much to do for us which is always helpful! Overall thanks to great her support it was a very seamless experience. Well done and thanks a lot for that!!
There is not much to add on what could be better, but as the question is asked, maybe an understanding from the beginning of how the final exit works specific in terms of what happens if the rental agency finds a few things during the inspection what is the subsequent process, could be helpful. I mean, she explained that the insurance would get involved, etc. but at the beginning I did not understand all the details. Again, nothing major and not to worry as she took care of it, but as general knowledge understanding even more the detailed process could maybe be useful.