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Relocating to Leipzig

Leipzig is a city in the German Free State of Saxony. It has a population of about 580,000 people and is situated on the river Pleiße. The town is peaceful, clean and it’s bicycle-friendly. Leipzig also offers a free business environment, is very safe and it’s a great place to move to.

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International Relocation Advice

Packimpex’s relocation team is ready to help your company and your employees with all of their relocation questions. We’ll make sure you’re fully informed on the process before jumping in, and we’ll take into account your unique circumstances as we tailor our services to fit your needs.

Orientation Tours

Packimpex will help you and your team get acquainted with your new surroundings before even stepping foot in the city. Whether it’s through our immersive one-day orientation experience or exploring Leipzig via a virtual online tour, we make the process easy and fun for everyone involved. We will make sure your transferees feel at home!

Advanced Relocation Solutions

Advanced Relocation Solutions

Think about how it would feel to have your relocation process completely taken care of for you. With our local experts and our incredible software platform, Relox, you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly and on schedule. Relocating your employees with Packimpex removes any of the worries that traditionally come with a move like this!

Temporary Accommodation

Packimpex works closely with companies just like yours to provide comfortable homes for employees who need short- or long-term accommodation. Our wide network across Germany provides us with extensive opportunities when it comes time to find a new home for your team members.

Childcare and Schooling

Childcare and Schooling

We want to help your employees and their families adjust to Germany. A huge part of this is childcare and schooling options. Packimpex offers a thorough overview of the schools in the city and the childcare options that will best suit the needs of both parents and children. We provide this service because we know that for families, this is a very important aspect of feeling safe and settled in a new environment.

Getting Settled

Packimpex is happy to take care of your employee’s needs when they arrive in Germany. Our settling-in services are specifically designed to help your team members feel at home in a heartbeat. 

Our team of relocation experts will help transferees navigate the German bureaucracy and accomplish some of the more tedious tasks upon arrival, like opening bank accounts, getting a new phone number and selecting the best internet provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is It Located?

Leipzig is located in the federal state of Saxony. The city can be found on both sides of the Leipzig River that runs through it from west to east.

It is about one hour forty drive from Erfurt, two hours from Dresden, two and a half hours from Berlin and five hours from Cologne.

What's the Cost of Living in Leipzig?

Leipzig is a very affordable city, and the cost of living there is lower than in most German cities. For example, the average apartment size for an individual or couple – measuring between 60 and 130 square meters – costs only $500-$700 per month on rent, which is way lower than in other cities.

What's The Climate Like?

You can expect a colder climate here than in other parts of Europe. The city gets cold and snowy in wintertime with average temperatures around 0°C (32ºF) during the freezing months from December to February. Summertime usually averages about 21°C (70ºF).

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