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Relocating to Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe is a beautiful city in Germany, and it’s home to more than 300,000 people. It has been considered an important city for centuries because of its location on the banks of both the Rhine and the Neckar rivers. Karlsruhe is home to several large companies and startups, making it a flourishing area to grow professionally.

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Moving Advice

Packimpex’s relocation experts know you and your employees have questions, and we’re here to help you! We’ll make sure everyone has all of the details they need before the relocation process even starts. Your transferees can always talk to one of our experts directly if they need anything during their relocation process!

Orientation Tours

With Packimpex’s informative orientation tours, your transferees will feel at home even before they leave for Germany. Our team will help your employees get acquainted with their new surroundings through either an immersive one-day orientation experience or a virtual overview of this beautiful city. We make finding answers easy and fun for everyone involved!

Advanced Relocation Solutions

Advanced Relocation Solutions

Relocating your employees to Germany can be a big endeavour. But, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Packimpex will assist you and your team during every step of the move. 

Get important updates about your employee’s relocation process from start to finish with Relox – our easy-to-use online platform. No more messy paperwork or missed deadlines!

Temporary Accommodation for Short and Long-Term Stays

The experts at Packimpex are happy to help your transferees find the perfect apartment or house in Karlsruhe. We know that finding a new home can be difficult, but we have access to a large number of properties due to our strong local network. Some of the housing options we provide are not even listed in the public market!

Childcare and Education

Childcare and Education

Packimpex understands the importance of good childcare and schooling options. We want to help your employees transition to their new homes with peace of mind knowing their children have a safe place to play and learn.

We help parents find schools that suit their child’s specific needs by providing an overview of the educational institutions available, as well as childcare options tailored for their family’s unique situation.

Settling-In Services for Your Employees

Sit back and relax; your employees are in good hands with us. Packimpex takes care of them and helps them navigate the sometimes confusing German bureaucracy. We’ll help them get everything set up once they arrive, like opening a bank account, getting a phone number, or selecting service providers that will work for them.

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