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Relocating to Heidelberg

Heidelberg is a university town in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, situated on the river Neckar. The city has been an important centre for European higher education for years, and to this day, universities such as Heidelberg University are still among Germany’s most prestigious institutions. 

Located about 78 km south of Frankfurt and with a population that consists roughly of one-quarter of students, Heidelberg also stands out for other reasons. The town is a place for innovation and the arts. The UNESCO Creative Cities Network designated Heidelberg as a “City Of Literature.” It is also filled with many prestigious research facilities nearby internationally renowned in their fields, such as European Molecular Biology Laboratory.

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Expert Support

Are you looking for an expert to help with your company move? We’re experts in providing organizational solutions for your relocation. When you hire our team, your one point of contact will become intimately familiar with your needs before and after the move, as well as any questions that might arise during this process. Our experience is a valuable asset when it comes to handling immigration paperwork, documentation, or bureaucracy.

Orientation Tours

The best way to make your transferees feel at ease with their move abroad and make it go smoothly is with our orientation tours, available in person or online. Our relocation experts will answer all your employees’ and their families’ questions and provide the resources they need for an easy transition!

Relox: Advanced Relocation Technology

Relox: Advanced Relocation Technology

You’ve probably found that there are many moving parts when it comes to getting your company or employees relocated. Apart from making it all work, you need to come up with how to best keep everyone informed during this stressful time. 

Relox, our cloud-based technology, makes everything easy so you can get back on top of things quickly without having any worries about what’s happening behind the scenes. Our software gives you and your employees an overview of the process, so everything is as stress-free as possible.

Corporate Housing

Does it seem difficult to help your employees find the perfect home for themselves and their families? Well, Packimpex is here to help! According to their demands, we’ll work with local partners to ensure that transferees can have their place.

We help people looking for a new home away from home by guiding them through the process while accommodating any needs they may have – whether they’re looking for short or long-term stays.

Find the Right Schools

Find the Right Schools

Whether your transferees and their families are in Heidelberg for the short or long term, we’re here to provide them with a list of options tailored specifically to their needs. 

Our extensive experience managing over 4,500 international moves per year, as well as our broad network in Germany, gives us enough knowledge to help your employees find the best suitable school or childcare for their children.

Settling-In Services

Packimpex is the solution for your company’s relocation needs. We have a team of specialists who will help transferees take care of all those pesky tasks to ensure that they are settled into their new home seamlessly and without headaches. We offer customized service packages tailored specifically towards each client, providing personalized attention at every step in this process!

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