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Moving to Fulda

Fulda is a relatively small city in Hesse, Germany. It was founded in 744, and nowadays, it has more than 68,000 inhabitants. 

The city is a thriving place for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, which has been proved to have one of the lowest unemployment rates among European Union member states, making Fulda a great place to live and work.

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Expert Advice

Moving to a new country can be daunting! You’re in luck; Packimpex has got all the knowledge and experience you and your transferees need. We’ve been helping people move for over 40 years which guarantees extensive expertise on international moves from start to finish.

Our customized planning takes into account your employees’ unique needs during each step of the process. Apart from that, Packimpex’s team of experts is ready to answer any questions your team might have and advise on things such as immigration requirements, documentation issues, and even bureaucracy.

City Orientation Tours

Packimpex orientation tours are made to help your employees feel at home in a heartbeat – even before they move. Transferees and their families will learn about their new surroundings from an expert and get answers to all of their questions about the relocation process. We will give your team personalized tips on how best to prepare themselves before they embark on this adventure!

Advanced Relocation Technology

Advanced Relocation Technology

If you are uncertain about how to go on with your company move and keep track of it, our Relox platform is here to help. You’ll get a complete and straightforward overview of the process, which will make it easy for you to keep on top of deadlines! 

Our cloud-based technology keeps everyone on the same page regarding the relocation process, giving you and your transferees updates as they happen.

Short and Long-Term Stays

Packimpex is the best resource when it comes to relocating your employees abroad. We are experts in providing affordable and convenient housing solutions that meet everyone’s needs for their home away from home! 

With us, you will benefit from our broad and strong network of local partners who help transferees find suitable stays in Fulda – among options that might not even be listed on regular housing markets.

Schooling and Childcare

Schooling and Childcare

Help your transferees’ families get settled by providing them the assistance they need to enroll their kids into German’s school system. Packimpex helps your employees with extensive research of the schools and childcare options in Fulda so parents can make an informed decision. Our goal is to help them find a suitable alternative, whether they have young or older kids, and stay for long or short-term in Germany. 

Destination Services

Packimpex is the best option for your international relocation. Our team of experts will take care and help transferees with all the paperwork required, so they don’t need any hassle while transitioning into their new life! We are specialists in navigating German bureaucracy and settling in with little time wasted.

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