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Relocating to Duesseldorf

The city of Duesseldorf is ranked 6th for quality of living in the world and it’s easy to see why. It’s based along the beautiful Rhine River, and its extensive public transportation network conveniently connects all of the diverse neighbourhoods in the city.

Once you visit, you will understand that Duesseldorf really does have something for everyone. It’s a great option for individuals and families who are moving to Germany.

However, if you’re thinking about bringing your employees here, you should know that this process is not as simple as it might seem. We are here to help you with customized solutions for both companies and individuals to make the moving process as easy and stress-free as possible.

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Moving Advice

Packimpex’s team of experts will give you and your team the best and most accurate information about the move. They will also address any specific concerns you might have, because we know that every situation is unique.

We will help your transferees get familiar with the immigration process, outline the documents they’ll need to have, and all of the other important details during a call or remote presentation.

Orientation Tours

Packimpex’s team can help your employees learn more about the city with an in-person or virtual orientation tour. After this tour, they will know exactly what to expect and they will feel eager to get settled into their new home. 

An expert on our team will talk to your transferees about their new town, and they will be able to address their concerns about the moving process and settling in. This process is essential to help your employees feel comfortable with moving to Duesseldorf.

Advanced Technology & Expertise

Advanced Technology & Expertise

When choosing Packimpex to manage your company relocation, you can rest assured you will have one of the best experiences imaginable. Packimpex is a local company working with local partners, which means you get access to the best housing market experts in the area. 

Relox, the cloud-based assignee platform developed and used by Packimpex, will take things a step further and provide you and your transferees with a comprehensive overview of the process. This way, there’s never any confusion and everyone involved in the move will know what is happening at all stages of the relocation.

Temporary Accommodation

Our great relationship with a broad network of housing market experts across Germany means your company and employees can find the best houses and apartments in the city. They’ll even be able to choose from options that are not even available on the housing market yet.

Packimpex offers solutions for both short and long-term stays, and we can customize the housing search based on your transferees’ individual needs. Whether you or your employees are looking for fully furnished apartments or an apart-hotel in the suburbs, we will find the best options.

Childcare and Education

Childcare and Education

Deciding on the best school for your children might be overwhelming for some parents, especially if they are not familiar with the educational system and the language. Our team is standing by to help your employees to find the best solution for their families.

Packimpex does all the research and considers all your transferees’ needs – including the duration of their stay – to present them with the best solutions.

Settling-in Services

The process of relocating to Duesseldorf doesn’t end once your team members touch down. For the relocation to be successful, your employees need to feel like they’re at home. This is why our services include helping your employees get settled into their new city.

Your transferees will be assisted by a Packimpex’s expert who will help them find their way through the city and get all the important tasks taken care of, from getting a new phone number and internet provider to opening a bank account.

Our goal is to make your employees’ experience as stress-free as possible so that they can go back to work happier than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Duesseldorf

Dusseldorf is a city that was founded in 1288. It has grown to become the fourth largest city in Germany and one of the most populated cities with over 600,000 residents. Dusseldorf is known for its traditional culture, which includes a lot of opera houses and theatres. The Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus or Theater am Goetheplatz are just two examples of these cultural attractions.

The city is also home to one of Europe’s busiest airports, Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS). With this airport, it is easy to travel elsewhere in Europe and around the world.

Where is the City Located?

Dusseldorf is located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It’s situated on both banks of the river Düssel, hence its name “Dusseldorf”, which translates to “village at the Düssel.” The city is also close to The Netherlands and the Belgian border.

Cologne, another large city in the area, is about 45 kilometres from Dusseldorf, while Dortmund is only 75 kilometres away. From Dusseldorf, you can quickly get to Frankfurt, which is only within a 3-hour drive.

What Is the City like?

Dusseldorf is a central banking and trade centre. Düsseltal, one of its boroughs, has become one of Germany’s most popular tourist destinations for those who enjoy winter sports with its two ski resorts: Königssee and Hochspeyer.

Furthermore, Dusseldorf is also a great city for those who love art and culture. It has a couple of museums, theatres, concert halls and the Dusseldorf School of Photography that has been founded by Andreas Gursky, among others.

Dusseldorf is also home to many international companies like Siemens AG, Thyssen-Krupp or Metro Group, making it a thriving and prosperous city.

Is It an Expensive Place to Live?

Dusseldorf is quite a big and prosperous city, but it’s less expensive than other German cities like Munich or Hamburg, which rank among the top ten most costly of all European capitals.

What's the Climate like?

The climate in Dusseldorf is very temperate and not as cold as Berlin, for example. The average temperature during the summer months is around 23 degrees Celsius and about 3 degrees Celsius in the Winter Months.

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