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Relocating to Dresden

Dresden is a beautiful and enchanting setting, with its scenic views that amaze anyone who has the chance to know the city.

Apart from that, the city is the traditional capital of Saxony. Its privileged location – between Meissen and Pirna, only 30 km away from the Czech border and 160 km from Berlin – gives its residents great opportunities. Its mild climate conditions is also a benefit from its location between hills to the north and south. 

Regarding its economy, Dresden‘s industry has diversified over the years to produce many different goods, including precision and optical instruments, electrical equipment, specialized chemicals and pharmaceutical products, as well as motor vehicles! 

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Advice from Experts

Packimpex is always there to help you and your transferees with your relocation needs-from the beginning stages of outlining what’s going on throughout a move until everyone has been transferred and settled in. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns about anything that comes up during this process!

Get to Know the City

Moving abroad can be tough, but we can help make the transition as smooth and comfortable as possible for your team members and their loved ones with our orientation tours, available online or in person! They will learn more about their new life abroad, get answers from our relocation experts, and get the best tips for whatever they need for a comfortable move.

Relox: Relocation Technology

Relox: Relocation Technology

Our Relox technology takes all of the guesswork out of your relocation process by providing a complete, straightforward and transparent overview. In addition, with our cloud-based technology, you and your transferees will get constant updates on how the process is going. So never worry again about hearsay or missed deadlines!

Accommodation for Short or Long-Term Stays

When you need to move your employees abroad, Packimpex is your best resource for a helping hand. We are experts in providing affordable and convenient housing solutions that meet everyone’s needs while exploring the new culture of their home away from home! 

With Packimpex, you’ll benefit from our broad and strong network of local partners that help your transferees find the most suitable housing for their needs – among options that might not even be listed in the regular housing market.

Finding the Right Schools

Finding the Right Schools

Packimpex is here to help your employees find the right education options for their children. Whether they have younger kids who need childcare services or older ones in search of a great state school in Germany, Packimpex can do the research and present the best options for transferees and their families so they can make the best decision!

Destination Services

The best part about working with Packimpex is that you can be sure your employees will feel comfortable and at home in Dresden right away. We have a team of specialists who can take care of all the paperwork required for them, so they don’t need any stress while transitioning into their new life! We help transferees navigate German bureaucracy and settle-in in no time.

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