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Moving to Bonn

Bonn is located on the Rhine River, about 24 km south of Cologne. The city served as West Germany’s provisional capital for almost 20 years and has continued to be an important site with many federal institutions since then. 

Its residents and travellers are well cared for by amenities such as National railroads that provide easy access across Europe and excellent services at Cologne Airport.

Bonn is also known as the birthplace of Beethoven, which makes it devoted to promoting musical arts. In addition, the city maintains a municipal orchestra and arranges numerous national and international concerts. The Beethovenhalle (a modern concert hall) is at the heart of Bonn’s musical life. At the same time, other important institutions such as the Rhine Provincial Museum (archaeology) and Museum Alexander Koenig (zoology) for the enjoyment of those living in the city or just visiting.

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Expert Support

With Packimpex, you and your team will have peace of mind knowing that we will take care of the entire relocation process. In addition, our personnel can answer any questions you or your transferees might have, so there will be nothing unexpected during this challenging transition phase.

Orientation Tours

One of the most nerve-racking aspects about moving to Germany for transferees is not knowing where they’ll be living. Our orientation tours are designed for your team members and their loved ones so they can feel more comfortable before relocating! In addition, your employees can get acquainted with their new lives through an online or in-person tour showing off what’s ahead.

Relocation Technology

Relocation Technology

Relox offers you and your employees a complete overview of all your relocation needs with our cloud-based software! Worried about deadlines, documents or wanting some updates on the process? Relox has you covered. You and your transferees will always have access to real-time updates on how things progress throughout their move.

Corporate Housing

Packimpex has mastered the art of finding great housing for transferees moving to Germany. Our goal is to satisfy all your transferees’ needs within the budget so that both you and them can get everything they’ve wished for without having to compromise quality or location.

Schooling and Childcare

Schooling and Childcare

Packimpex is proud to help your transferees find the right education options for their children. Whether they’re looking for childcare or private schools to enrol their kids, we’ll take care of it. One of our main goals is to help transferees and their families feel comfortable and at home with all aspects of their new surroundings!

Settling-In Services

It’s time to get your employees settled in Bonn. Packimpex will help you and your transferees with all the required paperwork to start their new life right away! We’ll make sure everything goes smoothly and quickly, making them feel at home as soon as possible.

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