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Relocating to Germany

Germany is the most populous European Union member state. Moreover, the country has a privileged geographical location: it borders Denmark to the north-west; Poland and the Czech Republic eastward while Austria lies alongside Switzerland to the south; and Belgium, France, Netherlands and Luxembourg to the west. 

The country has long been known as the birthplace of some of our most beautiful and culturally significant pieces. It’s got magnificent mountains, an incredible coastline by both land and sea, and great cities with plenty to offer for those living there or visiting the country.

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Moving Advice

Our team of experts can make your move to Germany stress-free. They’ll help you manage immigration and relocation issues, get all the documents needed before transferees leave for Germany, or even give a virtual presentation to go through all questions and concerns they might have about moving abroad.

Orientation Tours

When you send employees abroad, they need to know what life will be like in their new surroundings. That’s why we offer orientation tours for your employees before they even step foot into Germany – whether they are moving to Hamburg or Munich! Our tours – available in-person or online – give them a taste of what’s waiting and get them excited about the future ahead.

Relox – Relocation Solutions for Your Company

Relox – Relocation Solutions for Your Company

Relox is a cloud-based software program that helps companies and transferees manage the relocation process. With Relox, it’s easy for both company and employees to keep track of all important updates regarding their move, so there are no surprises or missed deadlines.

Temporary Accommodation

Packimpex can help your employees find the best option for their needs from a wide variety of furnished apartments, apart-hotels and more. 

Our vast network across the country means that no matter what kind of housing solution your transferees need, we have it!

Childcare and Education

Childcare and Education

Moving abroad with children is no easy task, but at Packimpex, we have a team of experts that will help this process be as straightforward as possible! We do extensive research to find the perfect school for your transferees’ children, whether they are staying for short or long-term.

Settling-In Services

Our team has everything you need to make a company move smoothly – and that doesn’t stop when your employees land in Germany. Our destination services also include settling-in tasks such as getting set up with a new phone number and internet provider so your team can feel at home, get back into the swing of things quickly, focus on what’s important-and rest assured they feel at home!

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