Frequently Asked Questions

Moving is difficult. Packimpex is here to help.

I am planning to move. When should I ideally contact Packimpex to receive a move quote?

Ideally, two months before your planned move date.

Why do I need to have a pre-move survey?

A pre-move, free of charge, survey ensures you receive an accurate move quote and it is often recommended for loads starting at 20 cubic metres or if you have any special requirements. During the survey, a qualified surveyor will define your needs and provide you with crucial information about timelines or customs requirements. The survey helps us establish the volume and the type of goods you want to ship, and gather other relevant information. Following the survey, you will receive a refined quote within two working days.

With Packimpex´s partner UTS, you can complete a virtual pre-move survey. This easy survey can be conducted on your computer, using technology to make your move, and your life, easier.

How much does it cost to move with Packimpex?

Every move is unique, and the pricing of a move depends on several factors: volume of the shipment, destination, services needed, time required, and any special items that you want to move. Because of this, Packimpex recommends a pre-move survey which allows us to estimate the volume and learn about any special requirements you might have.

How can we be sure to select a quality moving company?

There are big differences with regards to the services offered by different moving companies. A good indication of a quality moving company is the competence of the surveyor who conducts your pre-move survey. You can also judge the quality of a moving company by their degree of responsiveness (having to wait more than a week for your quote is cause for concern) or by their affiliation (if the company is not a member of the national and international association of moving companies – AMÖ and FIDI, be careful). You can also ask for their claim ratio and customer satisfaction level.

Packimpex will give you a free, transparent quote within minutes, we are a member of several professional associations, including AMÖ and FIDI, we have the lowest claim ratio and the highest customer satisfaction rating.

How can I make sure I compare move quotes the right way?

When you compare quotes, make sure the quotes are transparent. Your move quote should list all elements that are included, plus those services that are excluded. Make sure you have all elements in writing. Compare the volume estimates by the different service providers that you have invited to quote. Quotes that are either far below or far above average should be looked at very closely.

How long in advance do I need to inform the removal company of my desired packing dates?

It is best to let us know three to four weeks in advance. This time frame enables us to plan around the exact dates you require.

How long will you need to be in my home, packing?

For a typical three-bedroom home relocating overseas, we usually require an average of two and a half days to pack. This estimate depends on a few things, such as the volume and the destination of your household, the type of packing requirements, as well as the access to your residence.

Are there any household belongings that cannot be moved?

ules and regulations depend on the country of destination. In most countries the following goods are either prohibited or limited: food, alcoholic beverages, drugs, firearms and ammunition, pornographic material, motorcars, pets, dangerous goods (e.g. flammable material, acids, corrosives, explosives) and restricted and endangered animal species. It is important to note that new and unused items are usually not considered as ‘removal goods’ and are therefore subject to taxes and customs duties. There are additional requirements on other goods in particular countries.

What can I import into Germany as part of my shipment?

All used household goods that have been in your possession for at least the last six months can be imported free of duties and taxes, provided you can submit all necessary documents to Customs Authorities. The allowance of wine is approximately 200 bottles. You can also import up to 12 litres of liquor. The importation of weapons and ammunition requires an import permit.

What are the required documents for importing a household goods shipment?

The basic requirements are currently a copy of the packing list, a copy of your passport, a copy of your residence permit, a copy of contract/lease agreement of your house/apartment and the official customs form 18.44, which needs to be signed by you.

How can I be sure that Packimpex will assure quality from door-to-door with my move?

Packimpex’s moving partner UTS is a DIN ISO 9001-2015 certified company and abides by the high standards of this global norm for international household goods moves. Packimpex, and all relevant partners operate in accordance with the policies that are published on These include in particular topics of Anti-Bribery, Anti-Corruption and Data Privacy.

Is it necessary to insure the household goods shipment?

Yes! While all efforts are made for excellent protection of your goods, there are many influences during the transport from door-to-door that cannot be controlled by the moving company. Be sure to examine closely the insurance package that is suggested to you. There are big differences in premiums and in the coverage.

Is the moving company responsible/ liable for damage to the household goods?

It is recommended that you insure your household goods with transportation insurance that covers your personal belongings from door-to-door. The liability of the moving company is limited by the terms and conditions of the contract.