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Start your life in Germany in the best possible way

You don’t need us to tell you that starting your life in Germany will require a lot of bureaucracy and administrative hurdles. From researching the market and filling in rental applications, to reviewing lease contracts and filling out handover reports, you are in for a ride!

Thanks to comprehensive, tried-and-tested arrival support services, Packimpex will free you of the heavy burden of admin bureaucracy, allowing you to do more valuable things with your time.

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Home-finding services

We will find you a home in Germany

  • Are you stuck in the German real estate market and can’t make any headway?
  • Are you tired of having your rental application turned down because you called from abroad or can’t speak any German?
  • Is queuing around the block with 50 other house-hunters to view a downtown apartment not really your thing?

You’ll be happy to know Packimpex will help you get the home you want. You will see doors open when your viewing request or rental application comes from Packimpex, Germany’s relocation market specialist.

When you choose Packimpex, you free yourself of bureaucracy and admin, and strengthen your chances of getting the home you want in the timeframe you need it!

We have over 40 years’ experience in relocation and over the years, we have helped over 20,000 customers, like yourself, find a home to love.

Several important German companies entrust us with housing their key executives.


Choose the amount of support you need You can either entrust home-finding to our relocation consultants or you might decide you need only some of our expertise. Depending on the amount of support you need, you can choose between any of the packages below:

  • Superhero

  • You want to do everything yourself when it comes to finding a home, since you know best what you want.
  • We support you with counseling, securing appointments and filing rental applications.
  • Teamplayer

  • You want to do most of the research yourself, but with the help of a professional relocation consultant.
  • We will keep a watchful eye, train you on what to look out for and accompany you to the handover to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • VIP

  • You want to relax and enjoy yourself, while home-finding experts are busy finding you your home.
  • We will do everything that is required to find and secure you a home. Your time involvement is reduced to a minimum.
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Arriving in Germany Checklist

Arriving in Germany Checklist

Make sure you have these covered

To prepare you for your arrival in Germany, we have put together a list of essential things to check. Have a look!

Download Arriving Checklist

Support with mandatory registration in Germany

Packimpex will guide you through the registration process after your arrival

After you move to Germany, Packimpex will support you and your family register in person at your local town hall.

This is a mandatory step in the relocation process and something that needs to be taken care of within 14 days of moving to Germany.

We will provide you with a checklist of the documents you require for the registration process, arrange an appointment with the local authorities, accompany you in person, and facilitate communication with the authorities.

Allowing Packimpex to guide you ensures that you understand what is happening at every stage of the process and that you and your family are properly registered without any issues.

Registration Support
Departure Services

Departure Services

Free yourself from bureaucracy and increase your chance of getting your entire rental deposit back

If and when it is time to leave Germany, Packimpex will support you with a wide range of services meant to ensure a smooth departure out of Germany.

When you choose Packimpex Departure Services, you can be sure you will move out of and return your rental property with complete peace of mind.

Departure Services

Relocate with the best

This is what you can count on when you relocate with Packimpex

When you choose Packimpex, you can be sure that your relocation will be carefully planned and masterfully executed by experts.

German Relocation Market Specialist

Established in Switzerland in 1977, Packimpex is one of Europe’s most awarded international relocation companies.

Extensive Relocation Experience

Packimpex has over 40 years’ experience in worldwide relocation, handling on average about 4500 relocations per year.
Our relocation consultants possess a wealth of knowledge that will save you time and effort, as we anticipate any packing, transport or customs issues.

Oustanding Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction rate, as 99% of our customers say they would relocate again with Packimpex.

Green Conscience

Environmental impact and sustainable development are a top concern at Packimpex. Since 2012, we compensated annual CO₂ emissions by supporting environmental conservation projects around the world. We were the first relocation company ever to achieve CO₂ neutrality in 2011.

Our Values

“I wish someone had told me how tough it is to find a home in Switzerland, we were not prepared for that. We had to wait for 3 months in temporary accommodation until we finally managed to get the house we want. I don’t speak German so finding a home by myself was out of the question”

Sanjay, 50 years old

India to Basel

“My last landlord billed me for things I did not damage. The next I moved, I hired a professional relocation consultant to pay attention to the most minute of details and to record everything in such detail that I am completely confident i will never get ripped off in the future”

Thomas, 35 years old