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Relocate your company to or from Germany with Packimpex

Packimpex has unparalleled expertise in transferring entire companies or departments to or within Germany. For a group move to be successful, the highest possible number of current employees must accept their position or the location of your new office. Packimpex is here to help.


Comprehensive support for group moves

Supporting your employees from day one

Packimpex can play an active role in the internal marketing of the decision to relocate. We are often called upon to consult potential transferees about the relocation process and to address their individual worries and concerns. We also typically organise group orientation tours, which allows for substantial savings. Packimpex is aware of the work that HR professionals must do before the relocation is announced to employees. In these cases, we offer confidential pre-consultations with a company’s executive management and HR teams to lay the foundation for a well-executed company-wide or department-wide relocation.

Managing groups from 2 to 100+

Managing groups from 2 to 100+

Experience, expertise and an excellent network

As a result of our excellent relationships throughout the rental market, our high level of expertise in expectation management and the resources available to an organisation of our size, Packimpex has been successful in housing up to 150 families within a short period of time.

Your one-stop shop for group moves

Immigration, logistics, accommodation and more

Our strength as a one-stop shop for global mobility is extremely valuable for group moves. Designated Relocation Managers will handle everything from immigration, logistics, arrival services, temporary accommodation and home searches for each transferee, which results in a positive and professional relocation experience from beginning to end. Relocate with confidence when you choose Packimpex to help plan and execute your company’s move to Germany.