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Get expert advice and valuable tips on key relocation topics. Understand compliance requirements, explore cost cutting options or discuss housing trends in Germany.

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Are you an HR professional or Global Mobility Expert involved in relocating employees?

Got a question or need to bounce an idea off someone? Maybe you’re struggling with compliance requirements or wondering how to get a visa for your new hire.

This free consultation with Julia Meidenstein, 
Head of Operations Germany at Packimpexwill give you all the guidance you need to make a fully informed decision. And all in under 30 minutes of your time. 

Destination services

Your own questions and concerns 

Feel free to add the topics you and your company care most about.

Tech solutions in relocation

Review main challenges for most HR and Global Mobility experts and the currently available solutions in the industry. 

Go over housing and pricing trends in Germany, as well as other important destination services 
such as schooling support.

Learn what the most important aspects of compliance are and what should be high on your priority list. From updates on visa and travel restrictions, by the end of the call you’ll be a compliance black-belt.


Settling in services

Understand how to offer your employees a harmonious relocation experience. You’ll discuss how to ensure your employees' well being in their new home country thanks to spouse support services, or language and intercultural training.

Customers we've helped had this to say:

“Our company is small but expanding. 
We had found a suitable candidate for an executive role and then were confronted with the issue of compliance – we didn’t have much experience relocating people abroad, 
so we were interested to know how can we get our candidate from the US to Germany within a very short time and what are the legalities of this? 

Julia explained all in detail and added some very interesting points we had not considered.”

SME active in the IT Industry, Germany

Get expert relocation insight

Corporate Client, automotive industry, Germany

“One of our assignees was from Argentina and was due to relocate to Germany – 
we had so many questions on legal compliance – are there any restrictions for this specific nationality in Germany? 
Which type of work permit will our assignee receive? What is the permit process timeline? 

Julia is really a compliance expert. 
Could not be happier with the answers 
we got from her.

Packimpex offers a full range of destination services, temporary living services, corporate apartment management, visa and immigration services, and coordination of household goods moves.

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Julia Meidenstein
Head of Operations Germany
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