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A range of services for transferees moving to or from Germany

At Packimpex, we understand your role and adapt our support to fit the needs of you and your relocating employees. We value our relationships with HR professionals and relocation managers, and understand the guidelines and relocation policies you must adhere to. Our aim is to ensure that our services align with your HR objectives. We are dedicated to offering exceptional destination services and working with you on a professional and personal level to successfully move your employees and clients to and from Germany, and even globally if this is what you need.

Destination service consulting

For groups, individuals and families

Packimpex’s destination services consultancy package involves a comfort call with your transferee on your behalf to answer their questions and inform them of the relocation process. You will receive comprehensive feedback regarding this consultation which will allow you to effectively move the process forward on your side. Following an assessment of their personal situation, the transferee’s designated Packimpex Global Mobility Manager will address topics such as immigration, household goods moving, education and schooling options, home rental, banking, insurance, taxes and daily life in their new home. This consultation will be done over the phone. Upon request, it can also be delivered to a group in your office or anywhere in the world through a remote presentation.

Group moves to Germany

Group moves to Germany

Packimpex moves your company to or within Germany

Packimpex has unparalleled expertise in transferring entire departments or companies, from or within Germany or abroad. For a group move to be successful, the highest possible number of current employees must accept their new position in Germany. Packimpex can help with pre-consultations, orientation tours, one-on-one meetings and relocations for entire departments or companies.

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Orientation tours in Germany

Arrange pre-consultations with Packimpex

Introduce your transferees to their new home before they move

Giving your transferee the chance to explore Germany before they move will improve the long-term success of the relocation. It will also help you and your team avoid an overwhelming number of questions. The orientation tour that Packimpex arranges is tailored to each transferee or family, ensuring that it addresses individual concerns and highlights major aspects of living in Germany. An orientation tour will typically include information on practical aspects of day-to-day life, an accompanied tour of the city centre and visits to properties that meet the transferee’s criteria. The aim of the orientation is to provide “glocal” (global and local) expertise that will give your relocating employee a positive and realistic image of their future in Germany.

Packimpex can also arrange remote orientation tours. These are more sustainable and help the employee and their family define their expectations before the relocation process begins. With a pre-assignment tour, you will receive feedback on the outcome of the transferee’s tour. Our consultants will let you know what the outcome was and the impressions they had. This insight will help you continue to work closely with the employees you are relocating.


Home search

Take advantage of Packimpex’s local expertise and local connections

Help your transferee feel at home in Germany right away

Through careful management of expectations, and by ensuring relocations and budgets are ideally aligned, our consultants can ensure that the home search service ends with a positive result. Each relocation is unique and is therefore managed individually with compassion and understanding. This approach helps your employee and their family feel comfortable with their choice of apartment or house in Germany and independent in their new home. Reports on the status of each home search can be communicated to you through Relox. At Packimpex, each of our local consultants is responsible for sourcing the properties and maintaining strong relationships with landlords across the country. This gives our consultants access to a number of properties that are not usually available on the housing market.

Temporary housing

Temporary housing

Rental accommodations for short- or long-term stays

Help your transferees get situated in Germany

Through our network of local providers and contacts, Packimpex can source and present your transferee with a list of options for temporary or long-term stays. The options will range from apart-hotels to serviced or furnished apartments. We can tailor the temporary housing search to meet their needs and work with providers approved by your company. Packimpex also offers accompanied viewings where a consultant will attend property visits with the transferee. If your relocating employee arrives in Germany before their shipment of household goods, they can rent furniture from Packimpex’s online catalogue. Alternatively, your company can arrange corporate housing for employees who frequently travel to Germany.

Education and child care

Let Packimpex guide your transferee to the right school for their children

Insight and advice your employees can trust

At Packimpex, we believe that children come first. Only once the school is identified can the relocation process really begin. Our aim is to help families understand the options available for their children. This takes into account the length of assignment, the ages of the children, the current curriculum they are in and where they hope to pursue their further education.

Assistance with settling in

Assistance with settling in

Give your transferees peace of mind when they arrive in Germany

Around-the-clock support from Packimpex’s Relocation Consultants

Packimpex’s settling-in assistance is tailor-made to meet your employee’s needs. Our aim is to handle the basics so that they can begin feeling comfortable in their new environment as soon as they move to Germany. The Packimpex consultant will support with opening bank accounts, activating phone plans and internet connections.

Departure services

Help your transferees leave Germany

A smooth arrival leads to a stress-free departure

Leaving Germany comes with its own administrative challenges. At Packimpex, we believe that a well-handled arrival will turn into a stress-free departure. German lease contracts have specific terms and conditions which differ from landlord to landlord, therefore, lease cancellations need to follow a certain timing and protocol. We work closely with your relocating employee in order to manage contract interruptions in the most effective manner for all parties. Our consultants’ thorough preparation and coordination around the key dates ensures that every aspect of the relocation and contract cancellations is addressed and taken care of.