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Collaboration technology for smooth relocations

Get the crucial information you need at a glance

Relox offers a new approach to relocation management: a tailored, web-based solution which consolidates key information as well as communication around the transferee’s journey. This tool enables HR professionals and relocation specialists to proactively focus on the needs of their transferees at every stage of the relocation. With advanced reporting tools, intuitive overviews and documents all in one place, this innovative application saves you time by improving communication between all stakeholders.

The main functions of Relox are:

Manage multiple relocations at one time

Maintain full status overview of your transferees' relocation

Exchange information with your transferees and other stakeholders

Store key information and relevant communications in one place

Receive important notifications

Track customer satisfaction

Online approval of costs, task assignment to various stakeholders

Everything in one place for everyone

Transferees also have access to Relox, so they can get all the information they need about their relocation with the click of a button, whenever and wherever. By incorporating Relox into your relocation process, you can reduce the number of touchpoints for your transferees and store up-to-date information in one, easily accessible place.

Relox results in a greater overall relocation experience, and it gives you more time to focus on what truly matters – building employee relationships. Learn more about the benefits of Relox or schedule a demo of Relox.