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Further expansion: Packimpex acquires Milan-based Professional Relo Srl

[Bern, Switzerland – April 2022]: Packimpex expands its European reach by acquiring Professional Relo Srl in Milan, Italy. Packimpex now provides destination and immigration services and corporate housing across 15 offices in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, and now Italy. This transaction is part of a succession plan put in place by Professional […]

8 Rules for Successful Corporate Relocation

The coronavirus pandemic might have slowed things down, but the corporate relocation industry is still going strong. On average, despite the restrictions, we expect around 40% of employers worldwide to send staff on work projects that are based in outside their home HQs. Employees are highly motivated to relocate for a better job opportunity or […]

Expat in Germany: The Best Tips for Foreigners Living in Germany

Are you an expat in Germany – or a soon-to-be one? Well, we know moving to a different country is exciting, but it can also be extremely overwhelming. If you think by moving to Germany, you may suffer from the language barrier and the differences in culture; don’t worry. These things are not a big […]

How does the ISO 27001 data security certification enhance relocation services?

Packimpex is one of the first relocation companies to get this important certification The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about the need to rethink business models in all industries and especially in relocation. Throughout the last year, all relocation companies have not only been severely affected by reduced numbers of international assignments due to travel restrictions […]

Cost of Living in Germany: The Definitive Guide

One of the first questions people ask themselves while planning a move to Germany is whether or not they can afford the cost of living in Germany. When looking for information online, it can be hard to find straightforward information. In the end, you really need to have this information before you can decide if […]

Moving to Munich: Everything You Need to Know

Are you relocating to Munich? Germany’s third-largest city is an international hub where many huge companies (like BMW, Allianz, Siemens, Audi, and Flixbus) are based. The city’s strong economy attracts many foreigners who come to live and work in Munich. But business is not the only reason people move to Munich! The city offers many […]

Moving to Berlin: Everything You Need to Know

Are you considering moving to Berlin? Well, there’s a lot to consider before you relocate, and some important information you should know ahead of time. The largest city in Germany – with over 3.7 million residents – may feel like a parallel universe for some. It’s a liberal city that offers many possibilities, whether you’re […]

How to Move to Germany: The Definitive Guide

If you’re looking for information about how to move to Germany, you’ve probably done lots of web searches and found little bits of information from many sources. But you might not have found a single source that can answer all your questions in a practical and straightforward way. If so, this article might be very […]